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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An Embarrassment in the Georgia Senate

Georgia Senate Votes to Approve SB 270, 32-17

No surprise there, given how few of our Republican Senators are capable of thinking for themselves. Or who will place the interests of Georgia citizens above their own. Kudos to the three Republicans who voted against SB 270.

A recording of the entire 52 minute Senate debate is available, after the break.

March 2, 2014 - Edited to add - The video of the Senate afternoon session is now available, after the break.

Video of the Senate Debate

On this page, you will need to click on the image, featuring Sen. Steve Henson, titled Senate Day 29 PM, for video of the session including the debate on SB 270. The debate on SB 270 starts at minute mark 1:10:00.

1:10:00  Start of debate on SB 270
1:14:00  Senator Fran Millar (R), 40th, Dunwoody
1:29:00  Senator Steve Henson (D), 41st, Tucker
1:44:00  Senator Jason Carter (D), 42nd, Atlanta
1:53:00  Voting begins on 3 Amendments, a Motion to Table and the final Bill
2:04:00  End of consideration SB 270

Recording of Senate debate.

This link will take you to a recording of the complete Senate debate on SB 270, a bill sponsored by Sen. Fran Millar (R) Dunwoody, to create the City of Lakeside. 

In St. Francis's brief presentation, he first noted that, at that very moment, he was negotiating with representatives of Tucker 2014 for merging the Lakeside and Tucker maps into a single bill. He followed that with an outright lie, in stating that the bill had been fully vetted by the State and Local Governmental Operations committee.(This is where  he substituted an all new map for Lakeside that had never been seen or vetted by anyone in the General Assembly or by local residents.) The map presented today has also been revised, having eliminated areas in and around Emory University, apparently at the request of the University.
Lakeside 5 - 2/26/14

Ultimately, his basic argument was to 'Pass the damn bill today and let the House work out the stupid details,' which has been his game plan from the get go. He noted that the proposed new merged city would have 90,000 residents.

Amendment 1 by Sen. Millar - to remove certain areas in and around Emory University. Approved
Amendment 2 by Sen. Henson - to change the date for the vote. Failed
Amendment 3 by Sen. Henson - to remove precincts on the north side of Tucker. Failed

The final Senate vote approving SB 270 - 32 For, 17 Against

Lemmings For:
Y   Albers, John (R) 56 Roswell
Y   Beach, Brandon (R) 21 Alpharetta
Y   Bethel, Charlie (R) 54 Dalton
Y   Burke, Dean (R) 11 Bainbridge
Y   Carter, Buddy (R) 1 Pooler
Y   Chance, Ronnie (R) 16 Tyrone
Y   Cowsert, Bill (R) 46 Athens
Y   Crane, Mike (R) 28 Newnan
Y   Crosby, John (R) 13 Tifton
Y   Dugan, Mike (R) 30 Carrollton
Y   Ginn, Frank (R) 47 Danielsville
Y   Golden, Tim (R) 8 Valdosta
Y   Gooch, Steve (R) 51 Dahlonega
Y   Harper, Tyler (R) 7 Ocilla
Y   Heath, Bill (R) 31 Bremen
Y   Hill, Hunter (R) 6 Atlanta
Y   Hill, Jack (R) 4 Reidsville
Y   Hufstetler, Chuck (R) 52 Rome
Y   Jackson, Bill (R) 24 Appling
Y   Jeffares, Rick (R) 17 McDonough
Y   Jones, Burt (R) 25 Jackson
Y   Ligon, Jr., William T. (R) 3 Brunswick
Y   McKoon, Joshua (R) 29 Columbus
Y   Millar, Fran (R) 40 Atlanta
Y   Shafer, David (R) 48 Duluth
Y   Staton, Cecil (R) 18 Macon
Y   Stone, Jesse (R) 23 Waynesboro
Y   Thompson, Bruce (R) 14 White
Y   Tolleson, Ross (R) 20 Perry
Y   Unterman, Renee S (R) 45 Buford
Y   Wilkinson, John (R) 50 Toccoa
Y   Williams, Tommie (R) 19 Lyons

Free Thinkers Against:
N   Hill, Judson (R) 32 Marietta
N   Miller, Butch (R) 49 Gainesville
N   Mullis, Jeff (R) 53 Chickamauga

Republicans Abstaining or Absent:
A   Balfour, Don (R) 9 Snellville
A   Murphy, Jack (R) 27 Cumming
A   Tippins, Lindsey (R) 37 Marietta

Democrats For:

Democrats Against:
N   Butler, Gloria S. (D) 55 Stone Mountain
N   Davenport, Gail (D) 44 Jonesboro
N   Davis, Hardie (D) 22 Augusta
N   Fort, Vincent (D) 39 Atlanta
N   Henson, Steve (D) 41 Tucker
N   Jackson, Lester G. (D) 2 Savannah
N   James, Donzella (D) 35 Atlanta
N   Jones, Emanuel (D) 10 Decatur
N   Orrock, Nan (D) 36 Atlanta
N   Ramsey, Sr., Ronald B. (D) 43 Decatur
N   Seay, Valencia (D) 34 Riverdale
N   Tate, Horacena (D) 38 Atlanta
N   Thompson, Curt (D) 5 Tucker
N   Thompson, Steve (D) 33 Marietta

Democrats Abstaining or Absent:
A   Carter, Jason (D) 42 Decatur
A   Harbison, Ed (D) 15 Columbus
A   Lucas, David (D) 26 Macon
A   Sims, Freddie Powell (D) 12 Dawson

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