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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The City of Lavista Hills

Update Saturday, 4/27/2013

With all the interest in looking at the Lavista Hills map, I've drawn my own version, taken directly from the original.  This one omits the tax info and council districts, which were the main concerns with the originally posted map.

The City of Lavista Hills (pdf)


Distribution of the City of Lavista Hills map was not fully authorized by the originating group, although I was led to believe otherwise.  I have chosen to remove it from this site, and from the file hosting service.  No request was made by any individual or organization to take this action.

I would ask that anyone who obtained the map in the few hours it was up to please refrain from any further distribution.

My apologies to any confusion that may have resulted from this posting.


  1. Any link to a map where the boundaries are legible?

    BTW, it's "Scottdale", not "Scottsdale" - that's in Arizona.

    1. I went back and forth on Scottdale, so thanks for the tip.

      The link for a 34x44 version of the map can be found at the City of Lavista Hills title just above the map image. Blogger doesn't allow pdf files to be directly attached, so I use Scribd to make the original pdf files available. I chose not to embed it here.

  2. I have a lawsuit filed against Dekalb County right now trying to get them to re-establish the road-grid in Scottdale. The area is cutoff from Ponce DeLeon and is economically isolated even though it is just across the railroad tracks from the Dekalb Farmers Market. Dekalb and Kathie Gannon created the overlay in that area to stop development of new housing and it worked. They killed off development of Scottdale. The housing market did go bust but the meetings they held were pock-marked with explicit and verbatim use of the words 'stopping gentrification'. That means keeping diversity out of Scottdale and making people build a style of house they and the market do not want. Kathie Gannon is a disaster. Dekalb County was the only county last month to have no net increase in building permits and the County has ZERO ability to generate economic development. This city needs to happen. The foolspersons running Dekalb politically need to be cutoff.