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Friday, April 19, 2013

Tucker's Community Improvement Districts (CID)

What is a CID?

A Community Improvement District (CID) is a geographically defined area where commercial and industrial properties increase their own tax rate to fund transportation and infrastructure improvement projects. They are comprised of private commercial properties zoned as office/industrial and retail properties. CID's partner with local governments, business professionals and surrounding residents to achieve its goals. The tax rate is set as a portion of the property tax with the rate set by the commercial property owners.

A CID may be used for street and road improvements and maintenance, parks and recreational facilities, public transportation, parking facilities, water supply and storm water and seweage systems.  In broader terms the goals of the CID are to encourage economic development, enhance the community and public safety, leverage investment in transportation improvements to provide an area attractive to new businesses, and to contribute to beautification of the commercial area.  The CID is governed by a board of directors elected by the CID property owners, which has full authority over the use of these funds.

The Tucker business community has been proactive in their support of the greater Tucker community by working with DeKalb County, the state and the federal government in the creation of two CID's in Tucker.  The Stone Mountain CID came into being in September 2011, primarily located in the Stone Mountain Industrial Park, and expanded in June 2012 to include the Royal Atlanta Business Park.  The Tucker CID has recently reached a general agreement with its commercial property owners and will start operations in the Fall of 2013.

Once a CID is created through the County, it will be largely self-governing.  Should the City of Tucker be created, it will have no adverse affect on the CID's, as they will continue to operate unchanged and will continue to receive any and all property taxes set in the CID agreement with the County.  Although the CID might include any number of private or rental residential properties, they are not taxable by the CID.

The City of Tucker CID's

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