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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Georgia General Assembly - New City Placeholder Bills

During the final few days of the Georgia General Assembly, seven new placeholder bills were filed on behalf of six proposed and possible new cities in DeKalb County.  These include:

The City of Lakeside, SB 270, filed by Sen. Fran Millar (R), Dunwoody

The City of Lavista Hills, SB 275, filed by Sen. Jason Carter (D) Decatur

The City of DeKalb, SB 277, filed by Sen. Ronald B. Ramsey (D), Decatur

The City of Stonecrest, SB 278, filed by Sen. Ronald B. Ramsey (D), Decatur

The City of Briarcliff (unnamed), HB 665, filed by Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D) Decatur

The City of Tucker (unnamed), HB 677, filed by Rep. Billy Mitchell (D), Stone Mountain

The City of DeKalb or Prosperity (unnamed), HB 687, filed by Rep. Pam Stephenson (D) Atlanta

(Click on the bill number to be taken to a pdf file of the bill.)

The proposed cities of Lakeside, Briarcliff and Lavista Hills are all located in the same general area of north DeKalb County, generally inside I-285 and north of Decatur.

The proposed border for the cities of Lakeside and Tucker both include several small portions of DeKalb County on either side of I-285.

There is no other information currently available (as of 4/15/13) regarding the cities of DeKalb, Stonecrest and Prosperity.  They may all be referring to the same areas of south DeKalb County.  At one point the City of DeKalb was proposed to include all unincorporated areas within DeKalb County, which would have also included the areas now claimed by Lakeside, Lavista Hills, Briarcliff and Tucker.

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