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Monday, July 29, 2013

Save Tucker From Lakeside City

Or, Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Cheryl Miller, the lone administrator of the Facebook page Save Tucker From Lakeside City, seems to be very challenged by map reading. Currently on her Facebook page, she is asking for some help in deciphering a DCSD map from 2011 which indicates how the high school attendance areas were to change after the 2011 redistricting. (And YES, Cheryl, the map is quite correct.) She seems to be VERY confused about the location of the Idlewood Elementary School attendance zone relative to the Tucker cluster, and then further asks for some help in determining how the proposed City of Lakeside borders overlay the new attendance areas. A snapshot of her current posting follows (in case she wisely decides to remove it from her Facebook page.

After the break -

Well, Cheryl, when you have a question of this magnitude, you should always turn to The City of Tucker Initiative, as we are ready, willing and able to help you correct your misunderstandings. (A tall order I know, but a sacrifice I'm willing to make!) I've taken your map and added two things to it:  1) The current attendance area for Idlewood Elementary, wholly within the Tucker High School cluster, and 2) The proposed borders for Lakeside, such as they are.

(Please note that the previous attendance areas, prior to 2011, are the shaded areas, and the current areas are outlined in red.)

I hope my effort will help you to understand the situation just a little bit better.  And please, with my permission, feel free to repost this map to STFLC as I'm sure your minions will be very appreciative. Your welcome!


  1. Bravo! Perhaps, if you have time, you can instruct Mrs. Miller on the foolhardiness of her little effort to have Tucker secede from DeKalb County and join Gwinnett.

    1. Oh, I definitely will. I actually made several comments on her original posting on the Facebook page, but they were promptly deleted and The Tucker Initiative was subsequently banned. Seems that Cheryl is so immature and small-minded that she is unable to tolerate any dissension or disagreement within the ranks. In fact, the exact same thing happened when I posted some polite but dissenting comments to the Neighbors for Lakeside City Facebook page. Oh well. You can only wonder why these people just don't get it.

    2. Just saw this- title needs to be "You Can't Fix Stupid." I am proud that sane individuals opposed the Gwinnett annexation insanity espoused by our local village idiot.

  2. Has anyone started the Save Tucker from Cheryl Miller site yet? It just may entice me to get on FB. I do think it is time.

  3. Ha! I'll bet the reason this post is so popular is because Ms. Miller obsessively comes to check and make sure no one is talking about her.

    I'm glad that someone is acting as the counterpoint to her particular brand of crazy. She is a hypocrite, a pot stirrer and a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire.

  4. Yeah, her post on The Tucker Patch really made my day!

    Imagine, here's an article I'd totally forgotten about, posted 6 months ago, gets maybe 1 hit a month, festering in her gut like this. Surprising that this is coming from someone who doesn't hesitate to insult and belittle those who disagree with her or won't play her little games.

    Although I usually try to avoid getting into it with Cheryl, as she cannot be criticized and is never wrong, on occasion I just have to call her out on her bullshit. I would invite her to state her concerns here in the blog comments or via the blog email but she seems functionally unable to figure out how it works. Make of that what you will.

    So, Cheryl? Bring it on.