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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Tale of Three Cities - How Things Are Shaping Up

There's been a lot of movement within the Three Cities these last few weeks.

The LCA, proposing the City (With No Name Yet), has signed a contract with the CVI for their feasibility study, and that work is under way.  So now we should assume that, with the LCA having completed their purpose, they will now be closing down and an all new pro-city advocacy group is now primed to take over.  (Most likely exactly the same folks. At least they won't have to pretend any more.) Let's hope they've got a better working name for their new city.  I also hope they come up with a better motto than "There's No There, There!"

The City of Briarcliff has come on like gangbusters, raised the funds for the feasibility study in record time, and arrangements are currently being made with the CVI.  Taking in almost all of unincorporated north DeKalb inside I-85 and I-285, their financial situation is undeniably strong, they will be taking in the prestigious Druid Hills community, Emory University and the CDC, and their cause looks inevitable.

Bringing up the rear is slow-and-steady Tucker, arguably the only community involved that has a real history going back over 100 years, and a long record of dedicated community service.  Their finances and support look solid so if their exhausted so-called community leaders will just get out of the way, there'll be no stopping them.

The LCA got out of the gate early, (before anyone even knew they existed!) and took an early lead, but they seem to be faltering and don't seem able to stand up to the unquestionable strength of Briarcliff. The common sense and history behind Tucker cannot be denied. So, all in all, there's only one logical outcome of the current incorporation movement, and the LCA will be left standing on the sidelines.

The Cities of Briarcliff and Tucker, 2015

DeKalb County, 2015

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