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Monday, July 29, 2013

Clyde, the Orangutan

I often use Clyde the Orangutan, from the San Diego Zoo (but now living in the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure in Kansas), as my internet avatar, largely because he is far more photogenic than I am. Orangutans are incredible animals, fully deserving of our respect and protection.  For more information check out the Orangutan Conservancy web site, here. An interesting article on Clyde himself can be found here.

Orangutans are actually Great Apes, not monkeys, a common misconception of the uninformed and uneducated. Amazingly enough, biologists have recently demonstrated that orangutans are FAR more intelligent, perceptive and empathetic than certain loud-mouth champions of the LCA. A video of Clyde after the break.
Clyde is now 36 years old, and was moved to Kansas for more space and because he was something of a problem at the SDZ.  And no, this is not the same Clyde as in the movie Every Which Way But Loose.

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