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Monday, July 1, 2013

Let's Get Ready to Rummmmbbbblllle!!!!

An open invitation to the Lakeside Community Alliance (LCA) and the City of Briarcliff Initiative (COBI) to discuss the pros and cons of either proposed city.  If you have good reasons to support either the LCA or the COBI, put them in a comment here. Why is one to be preferred over the other?

As the maps for the two incorporation movements overlap by a substantial amount, only one will survive the Governmental Affairs committees in the Georgia General Assembly.  Only one will be placed before voters for approval.  The battle to be engaged will be over the hearts and minds of our Senators and Representatives in the General Assembly.  Let the debate start here!

Quae resonat in aeternum vitam!

Update: An editorial posted by Frannie D. to the Patch.

The LCA map for the City (With No Name Yet).

The COBI map for the City of Briarcliff


  1. Lets start with the name choice of Briarcliff, “The NAME that gets in the WAY”!

    Briarclif Definition: A bristly place positioned precariously on the edge of a chasm or abyss. Synonyms for Briarcliff: Thorny Precipice or Prickly Embankment: resulting from Briar=Thorny or prickly + Cliff=Precipice or Dangerous embankment.

    The only genius in Briarcliff aka Thorny Precipice aka Prickly Embankment is that that the forefathers did not choose: Nuclear Waste! Granted, Briarcliff it is not much better than Nuclear Waste from a branding standpoint. As most homebuyers are looking for a low risk upscale sounding city names, you have to wonder what happened. How did they come up with Briarcliff? Did these guys lock three cartographers in a dark closet and slide a Chinese menu and Soduko game under the door? Why not Sunnybrook? Perhaps this naming mind trust was too hasty when it skipped over Amityville?

    I will take “name to be determined” over Thorny Precipice everyday of the week!

  2. Classy, really, really classy. I would be embarrassed to use my real name too! I am willing to bet this kind of self licking ice cream cone thinking would be bad for any business even in areas you describe as your turf, Tucker! I am pleased and not surprised there are so many families outside the LCA map willing to support LCA/ Neighbors for Lakeside City. I look forward to the 2014 election. I absolutely do not expect you understand and embrace healthy debate/good sportsmanship. I do however expect to win and have something left to pass on!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you're enjoying, and perhaps learning from, my efforts here on The City of Tucker Initiative. You've certainly been a regular visitor!

      In the category of 'Learning Something New Every Day', her use of the metaphor 'self-licking ice cream cone' sent me right to Google. For the curious, the Urban Dictionary has a definition:

      So. I have an offer for you. If you yourself would TRULY like to engage in a healthy debate and good sportsmanship, you can start by writing just such an article and I will be happy to post it here on The City of Tucker Initiative. I, for one, am certainly willing to EMBRACE any positive discourse supporting one of the incorporation movements, if and when I see one. You can send your article to me via email to:

      Pass it on!