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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Neighborhood Group Calls for Cityhood Action

The Tucker Patch has posted an article written by Harry Powell, President of the Tucker Historical Society. I am reprinting it here as it seems to have slipped under the radar over on the Patch but it still has some very relevant information on the various incorporation movements and the General Assembly.

You can check out the original article here.

Residents are urged to speak out.

By Harry Powell, President of Tucker Historical Society

As you know, Tucker Historical Society participated in the Tucker Together community meetings to share information and help educate our Tucker neighbors regarding the various aspects of city incorporation.

A new groupTucker 2014has been formed to take the next steps (feasibility study fundraising, research, committee formations, volunteers to help, etc)

The document below is from a local neighborhood group called Neighbors Fostering Awareness & Action who asked that we pass this information along to you. It provides State Senators' and Representatives' contact information so that you may personally contact them regarding your thoughts on the subject of city incorporation of Tucker, Lakeside, or Briarcliff. 

Again, this is for your information; to read, do more research, understand and to make a decision for yourself. Tucker Historical Society does not take a political stand on this subject, but does want you to be aware of the opportunities and decisions that are before us as residents of Tucker and unincorporated DeKalb County.


Lakeside City Alliance filed an application on March 25, 2013 to create a City of Lakeside that includes many neighborhoods, schools, and parks that have traditionally been thought to be a part of unincorporated Tucker, the small-town area that many of us consider home (see the eastern boundary on the Lakeside map). The Lakeside City Alliance has just raised the $30K necessary to fund the state-mandated feasibility study. 


A placeholder application was also filed for a City of Briarcliff, with a map that includes Northlake Mall, but doesn't extend into Tucker. A leader of that group reported at the June 24 meeting of Tucker Together that the group has raised the $30K feasibility study money and was contracting with the Carl Vinson Institute to complete that study.

Placeholder bills were also filed for additional cities in DeKalb County. During the 2014 legislative session, consideration will be given to those bills that are accompanied by feasibility studies. Should two or more proposed cities include areas of overlap, only one of those cities would be approved.


Tucker Together has been "exploring all options to keep our long-standing community of Tucker intact” via public meetings and its web site. It is now raising funds for a study to determine if a City of Tucker is economically feasible or if some other strategies for protecting the community of Tucker are needed. $30,000 is needed by August 15 to fund a feasibility study. $13,500 has already been raised and another $7,500 has been pledged. More may be needed to fund additional surveys.

Tucker 2014, a group formed to promote the formation of a City of Tucker, will gather at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, July 8, at the Greater Good Barbecue on Hugh Howell Road to discuss interest in and information about that option. A placeholder bill for a City of Tucker (House Bill 677) was filed by Representatives Henson, Williams, and Mitchell.


Whether you're in favor of or opposed to parts of Tucker becoming Lakeside or Tucker forming its own city, maintaining Tucker as is, or haven't yet made up your mind, you can:

·         Educate yourself (visit web sites, attend meetings, familiarize yourself with the various maps, etc.).
·         Get involved (attend meetings, volunteer, donate to the group/effort of your choice).
·         Share information with others (forward this email, talk to neighbors, etc.).
·         Decide what you prefer and let your voice be heard.
Once you've made up your mind, let your voice be heard by contacting your legislators: 
Fran Millar, District 40,
Steve Henson, District 41,
Scott HolcombDistrict 81, 
Mary Margaret Oliver, District 82,
Michele Henson, District 86,
"Coach" Williams, District 87,
Billy Mitchell, District 88,
Tom Taylor, District 79, 
Mike Jacobs, District 80, 
Thanks to Bob Lundsten for the additional names of Tom Taylor and Mike Jacobs. Bob says that the votes of these two legislators can decide if any map other than the Lakeside map gets to the House floor for a vote. It's a Republican-controlled process and these two legislators control the Delegation.
Your email can be as short as "I am [in favor of/opposed to] a City of [city name] [that includes all/specified parts of/my neighborhood]."
Apathy and indifference undermine democracy. Whatever your position, you can make a difference! 
With hope that you'll help raise awareness,

Neighbors Fostering Awareness & Action

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