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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tucker 2014

The new pro-city pro-advocacy group for the City of Tucker

At the final Tucker Together informational meeting held last night at the First Christian Church of Atlanta, Sonja Szubski announced the formation of the pro-Tucker advocacy group TUCKER2014. This will be the primary community based group actively pursing incorporation of the City of Tucker.  Their website can be found at, and their Facebook page here.

A critical TUCKER2014 organizational meeting will be held on Monday, July 8th, at the Greater Good BBQ, from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.  Any and all Tucker residents interested in and committed to the Tucker community should attend.  Many volunteers will be needed as TUCKER2014  picks up the mantle from Tucker Together and moves forward with the critical work necessary to raise community awareness, work with the legislature on the enabling legislative, and to secure the final vote for approval in 2014.

Here is Sonja's introduction to TUCKER2014 from her new blog on the Tucker Patch:

My name is Sonja Szubski and I am a proud resident of Tucker. 

I would like to thank Tucker Together for getting the ball rolling and taking on the task of educating the Tucker community on what is involved in becoming a City in Georgia.Tucker Together has done a great job in educating, but to move Tucker forward we need a group that will not be restricted by its 501(c)(3) status. So I am pleased to announce the formation of Tucker 2014. Tucker 2014 is a group of Pro City of Tucker neighbors that are working in conjunction with Tucker Together and taking up the fundraising for the feasibility study. Tucker 2014 will also be attending neighborhood hosted meeting to discuss just how Tucker can best benefit from incorporation.

Becoming a city could bring great things to Tucker.

First, we would have 5-6 dedicated city councilman that would represent 7,000-10,000 people each, rather than have only County Commissioners that represent 100,000 constituents each.

Second, we would have greater control over how we police and manage our parks and rec center. For instance if Tucker were already incorporated and offered Parks and Rec as a service, we would not be fighting to save Johns Homestead from being bulldozed and built up into an Animal Shelter. We could also bolster our Rec center and streamline the operation on line.

Third, we would have local citizens on our City Council that would better understand what Tucker needs to add and improve in order to build better quality businesses and bring more money back to Tucker.

The climate in our county is changing...daily. What with political scandals, threats to our beloved parks, and encroachment from existing and proposed cities I see that we have no real choice but to preserve our historical community by incorporating into a true City of Tucker. There certainly is the option of fighting the proposed encroachment by paying for multiple lobbyists to act on our behalf in the General Assembly...but that is a onetime save. What happens when in the next legislative cycle that group comes around again wanting parts of Tucker? We will  have to rally, fight and pay. Again...and again. Eventually, we might lose our will to fight and Tucker will be lost. The only option to protect and move Tucker forward is to incorporate. 

I have lived in Tucker with my family for 6 years and  I grew up right around the corner. I always thought Tucker was a city and only recently learned that it isn't. But what I knew growing up and have seen personally since living here, is that Tucker is a vibrant and growing community that takes care of its own and rallies in large groups to support one another. Some examples are the fire that took Handy Ace Hardware, the threat to Johns Homestead , and overwhelmingly at the Elaine Boyer meeting in March at Tucker Middle School. At that meeting  we saw over 500 of our neighbors show up to voice as a community that we will not allow Tucker to be split by political activists.

Tucker, now is the time to rise up and show that we are a community that is committed to staying together and preserving our history. I strongly encourage you to visit us at Sign up to volunteer your time and talent as we will need many volunteers to populate committees such as Fundraising, Neighborhood Meetings, Planning and Research. Contact us to host your own neighborhood meeting and hear about how you can benefit from incorporating. And most importantly  make a much needed donation to fund the required feasibility study. To clarify, we are an advocacy group that is helping Tucker Together raise funds for the feasibility study. Our donation button goes straight to the Tucker Together paypal account and all monies raised will be handed over to Tucker Together to track and be used for their stated purpose of contracting a feasibility study. And we are very excited to announce that Tucker raised over $17,000 in cash and pledges just tonight!

Now is the time for better representation and control over our community and tax dollars.

The Time for Tucker is now!

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