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Saturday, March 15, 2014

A New Tucker Map. So, What Else Is New?

If this keeps up, I'm going to run out of space on this blog.

The latest change merely puts the entire Pleasantdale precinct back into Lakeside. Tucker got nothing in exchange.

This is the version of Tucker that will be used at the next Governmental Affairs Committee hearing, now scheduled for Monday afternoon, March 17, 2014. Unless, of course, it changes before hand, as is their wont. A St. Patty's Day surprise, perhaps?

The current official Lakeside-Tucker map, prepared by the General Assembly GIS office, after the break.

ETA: The new official map as issued by Tucker 2014, on Sunday, March 16, 2014, also after the break.

The new Tucker map, as agreed to with the LCA on Thursday, March 14, but not issued by Tucker 2014 until Sunday, March 16, 2014. For whatever reason the map on the Tucker 2014 website is of extremely poor quality and noticeably distorted. Quite the embarrassment. I've corrected the distortion as best I could, but I can do nothing about the low quality. I guess then, the map here is not quite as official as it should be. You can find the original version here.

The map as issued by Sen. Millar. The latest changes (sigh!) put the Pleasantdale corridor back into Lakeside and added Executive Park.


  1. After a couple of days of looking at this map (and the new tweaks) I think this is as good as it gets, politically speaking. The adjustments you mentioned for the Livsey/Evansdale corridor would be good. I don't think north of Livsey will change for reasons we all know. But considering that most of that area north of the elementary school is not even 30084, it's fine to be in Lakeside. I'm glad Lakeside took the Pleasantdale corridor. Hey, they even get a park out of it. The split at Northlake was what I thought should happen all along, whether it was with Lakeside or Briarcliff. It's not ideal to have a commercial area split between two cities, but the zip code boundary was a fair dividing line. Keeping Idlewood south of 78 is good and I know they want the CID south of 78, so keeping the residental between the two is logical. The only suggestion I'd make is for Tucker to drop Juliette Road. However, with Pleasantdale and Brockett no longer included, future police resources won't be stretched thin with just the one cluster of apartments.

    Imagine if Tucker had proceeded with cityhood all those years ago instead of now being forced into a defensive crouch. They could have had all of Northlake and as much of Livsey and Evansdale as they wanted. It's worth keeping that in mind for the future. Tucker leaders need to be more proactive. They shouldn't act surprised in a few years when they are forced to create their own police department. It's going to have to happen and it's one of the first things they need to plan for. City leaders will also seriously need to think about an independent school district. A living-for-the-past sort of small-town aw shucks attitude almost cost Tucker their community and own cityhood.

    Based on 2010 Census info, I'm guessing Tucker's population is now down to around 33,000. That's a pretty big drop from the original proposal with 55,000. I like it, though.

    I'd like to see Tucker continue to play hardball and get a vote scheduled for May. It ought to be an interesting meeting tomorrow at the Capitol.

    p.s. also noticed in this latest map that Lakeside included Executive Park and Loehmann'a Plaza. Mo Money Mo Money!

  2. If tucker wants the CID tenderloin (despite virtually all owners south of 78 objecting because of the lake of meaningful city services benefitting them with Tucker's minimum city) they should be forced too keep the fat cap of Juliette. No one here is getting raped like stone mountain. So obviously racist it harkens back to the good ole days of KKK at Bikeways of Tucker.

    1. Spare me the dramatics, Carol. Killing and terrorizing people because of their race is a far cry from not wanting high-crime apartment complexes in a city. These apartment complexes do not even have a Tucker zip code. I could just as easily call you names for your condescending views towards people and places that don't meet your aesthetic standards, but I won't.

      How and why is Stone Mountain getting raped? Because Smoke Rise prefers Tucker to Stone Mountain? Because Stone Mountain's local elected officials lollygag and dawdle? Because those representing Stone Mountain at the state level have been silent, indifferent, or opposed to the city's plans? Why did Billy Mitchell support Tucker and do nothing for Stone Mountain? Why did Steve Henson and Gloria Butler do nothing for Stone Mountain? If the CID really opposes Tucker, then why didn't they arrange to be annexed into Stone Mountain?