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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doraville Files a Bill! No, Wait . . . Twins!

Doraville Proposed Annexations

On March 10, 2014, the City of Doraville filed two annexation bills in the Georgia General Assembly. House Bills 1138 and 1139 were sponsored by Representatives Scott Holcomb (D), 81st, and Tom Taylor (R), 79th.

Two bills were prepared for this annexation to separate residential areas from commercial/industrial areas. As they are in separate bills, they can be handled differently, whether by a vote of the residents, or by direct annexation upon approval of the General Assembly.  HB 1138 covers the commercial/industrial areas, and is divided into three distinct and separate areas, although all are contiguous to Doraville. HB 1139 covers the residential neighborhoods. The text of the two bills, HB 1138 and HB 1139, can be found after the break.

If both bills are approved in the General Assembly, then the commercial/industrial areas would be annexed directly into the City of Doraville, without a vote or even the approval of the affected property owners. Residents of the area covered by HB 1139, would have a vote as scheduled by the General Assembly. It is very possible (it's happened before) that the residents of the affected areas might vote against annexation even if the commercial areas were annexed, which would make for a very awkward situation, particularly if the proposed cities of Tucker and Lakeside are approved.

A map of the proposed areas can also be found after the break.

UPDATE March 24, 2014:

Both Doraville bills passed the House on March 12, and the Senate on March 20. If signed into law by Governor Deal, the residential areas to be annexed, covered by HB 1139, will be voted upon by registered voters in the area on Election Day, Novermber, 2014. The commercial and industrial areas to be annexed, covered by HB 1128 A, B and C, shall become part of the City of Doraville on December 31, 2014, without a vote.

Map of  the City of Doraville Proposed Annexations

HB 1138

Doraville Annexation Bill HB 1138

HB 1139


  1. This got me thinking about Tucker's proposal. They were only going to take 1138C plus just enough of 1139 to include Oakcliff Elementary. If Tucker's original proposal went through, I wonder what would have happened if Doraville didn't try another annexation attempt? Residents there probably would have become part of Doraville like it or not. And my guess is that's what will still happen. Just a year or so ago the legislature passed a bill for Doraville to annex residential and commercial near Dunwoody. There was no vote as it was done to clean up the boundary area and eliminate the island. If people reject the vote this time, I don't think it will matter. If Tucker and Lakeside form, then those areas are going to become part of the city of Doraville.

    Once again, thanks for the great maps.

  2. Voted down 342 to 202 :