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Friday, March 14, 2014

The LCA Is Broken, Truly Broken

The True Nature of Your Typical LCA Supporter

I received the following emails in response to the article I posted March 13, 2014, titled How To fix That Map.  This came from an ardent supporter of LCA and the proposed city of Lakeside who I have had occasional conversations with over the past year. I posted an earlier exchange back on April 17, 2013,  Tucker Discussions (Yahoo Groups) A Civil Exchange, when things were just starting and we were all more civil and respectful.  Of course, civility is no indicator of decency or truthfulness. 

Faithful readers may remember previous articles I've posted featuring LCA appointed minions.  An Uncivil Exchange on the North Druid Hills Patch, featuring Ralph, April 21, 2013, Betsy Parks' Virulent Rant, June 27, 2013, The Proposed New City of RandyRand, June 27, 2013 and Scottdale, featuring RandyRand, July 12, 2013. 

This individual lives in the Livsey area, and even after Wednesday's events (disco maps), continues to remain within Lakeside, largely because St. Francis of Dunwoody continues to look after his most adoring fan, a neighbor, just down the street.  I had expected those of their ilk to be thrilled, and I was anticipating a variety of boisterous in-your-face tainted emails and comments on Patch. What I did get came as quite a surprise, in its bitterness, anger and sheer unadulterated arrogance. Read for yourself.  

This is the Heart and Soul of the LCA proponents and their minions. They have been edited to remove personal references of the innocent and unknowing. 

 The Emails, after the break. 

If Tucker Cared About Homeowner's and Residents

LCA Supporter
Friday, March 14, 2014 7:00 AM

You should be kissing Millar's feet that you even have a chance of a city.  

Taking away the right of voters and constituents is a tucker hallmark and that is what is happening here.  

Nothing new or surprising that the rednecks rule the day and ignorance prevails in tucker.  

That is what happens when you graduate kids who can't read or write but can play football.  

LCA Supporter 
Friday, March 14, 2014 9:28 AM 

I would have gone for a mega city where everyone could vote which was the start of all this. I agreed with a mega-city but tucker was intractable. 

Instead, MMO and Ralston strike dirty deals and actual voters get silenced. 

Tucker doesn't care about the residents who don't have the same myopic and outdated views of honey and Boyer.  Let's not forget the facts. 

Hats off to corruption winning because you and I both know that is what happened. No bill yet the city you want. Speaks volumes. People aren't stupid and you will see even more of the good families leave. 

I am staying because I have two houses in tucker and opted for private school. To deal with the ignorant and corrupt mess of the school system, with leaders like ______ who don't have any college education is not what I want for my children. 

All of these folks who were so anti city now have their city.  Sounds like a great recipe for success.  

The City of Tucker Initiative
Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 1:58 PM

Why so bitter? Seems to me you're getting what you wanted. At least for now.  

I've sent my Fix the Map article to Rep. Meadows as he seems to have a real understanding of the important issues in play. Not expecting him to actually see it but we can always hope. The fact that Millar is pushing so hard for your neighbor is really insulting to Tucker and the Livsey community, so I can only hope that reason wins out. 

I don't believe that MMO had any real influence in this. I think you can credit T14's email and phone campaign for reaching the uppity ups in the General Assembly, for getting Tucker's story across, and for exposing the shallow reasons behind Lakeside.  You can also credit the real distaste the rest of the legislators have for Millar and Levitas, a Connecticut carpetbagger and a turncoat Republican. The Millar-LCA formula worked in the Senate, where no one really cared, but didn't work in the House. It also helped that the T14 folks had solid Republican credentials, which took a lot of wind out of that sail. 

From what I've heard recently, the real forces in play were well above our pay grade. I think you'll be surprised at how this will all play out in the next few days. I certainly was, once I heard the details. 

You should stop this bs about the one page Tucker bill, as T14 has had their complete bill in the legislators hands since early January. As it was being cleaned up or whatever by legislative counsel, they were told explicitly to not make it public. I've been equally frustrated with their refusal to be open about the process, but they don't listen to me. Oh well. 

Really surprised at your reaction. I fully expected you to be crowing from the rooftops. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. 

Take care. Keep in touch.    

LCA Supporter
Friday, March 14, 2014 3:42 PM

 Well, I definitely don't want the Tucker group that can't handle people thinking for themselves as this process has shown.  I prefer not to follow like a lemming as those who get all hot and bothered over a football team that can't read and 121 years of a half-empty Main St. with a drug dealer in the Olde Tucker Fountain.  Glad that doesn't bother parents whose kids go to the high school.  It is a great meeting point for local tour of cemeteries. 

Nice to see that you don't post a bill, don't have a vote and are completely dependent on Millar for anything to happen because the back room dealings can't bring you to a full vote.  Yet, you still blast him for actually representing his constituents.  You had THREE sponsors and not one could actually share a bill with the Committee.  Why the secret?  Yes, please tell me how you represent those 1000+ homeowners in the Livsey/Midvale/Evansdale/Pdale who see the group for what it really is. And, the fascinating part is how 20 years ago you couldn't wait to get Pleasantdale feeding into Lakeside and now you want it back.   

Glad to know that Smoke Rise's secession from Stone Mountain continues to be at the cost for the people who fuel the area and that would be Northlake.  Y'all have to come out here because you still can't get it together to make it come out there for a visit.  It all looks like one big Hazzard County right now.  I am just waiting to see who Boss Hogg is.  I can already see her shoulder pads underneath the 10 gallon white hat.  Are you Cletus or Enos?

No vote, no consolidated opinion of the population and no transparent leadership.  Oh yeah, and a for profit group collecting the funds of the citizens.  YUP, that is the American Dream and no one gets to vote between the cities, especially when Tucker won't provide POLICE as the Tucker Precinct has to take a beating from Emory Morseberger to patrol illegal signs in the Stone Mountain CID. 

The Devil did come down to Georgia and lives in Smoke Rise.  He used to be on Idlewood Rd., but then he and his cronies built the country club.   

Can you stand by the CID?  Talk about an open records request that breaks federal law.  Fully documented, too. 

The dirt is yet to come out, my friend.  Yes, well above our pay grades, but it doesn't make it right when we live in the United States. 

Enjoy the pipe dream of an incorporated Tucker.  This group will drive it into the ground and declare it a slum to mooch off the government faster than the county ever could.  Sadly, my parents' house will be in that map and you have all killed my property value. 

Finally, looking forward to those geriatric guardrails on Main Street!  THAT will bring HOARDS of visitors to the burgeoning city.   

The City of Tucker Initiative
Friday, March 14, 4:43 PM 

I'm sorry, but trying to have a real dialog with you is proving impossible. You are the true reflection of an LCA supporter. You and Betsy Parks deserve each other. Hope you two enjoy keeping the undesirables out of YOUR city. Do you even have a name for it yet? 

Feel free to ignore me from now on. 

Just so you know, I will be posting our little exchange to the blog as an illustration of the LCA outlook on life. It should prove to be very popular reading. I will remove/rename any personal references, so only a select few will know who you are.  

Please feel free to continue your tirade in the comments section.  

LCA Supporter
Friday, March 14, 5:01 PM 

Alright, Cletus.  Dialog from Tucker? Refusing to let people vote? Not providing police?  Having Judy Spain using county resources? Be careful of what can be exposed at THS.    

LCA Supporter
Friday, March 14, 5:04 PM 

I will make sure to bring up and post the cheating scandal at TMS and the teacher molesting students.  What else would you like me to highlight about tucker that has facts and indictments???    

LCA Supporter
Friday, March 14, 5:13 PM 

Post it ALL, if you have the guts.  I have been nice and respectful because I have a house in tucker.   All of you have complete disregard for the process and homeowners.   

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