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Monday, March 24, 2014

Residents Fight to Save the City That Isn't There

Residents Fight to Save the City That Isn't There

An article in USA Today, featuring Tucker, its long history, its active community and its battle against the Forces of Evil, represented by the LCA and the proposed City of Lakeside, may it rest in peace.

The main article can be found HERE.

Kathy Powell, treasurer and co-founder of the Tucker Historical Society, on Main Street in Tucker, Ga. "The few times that cityhood had been discussed in the past, it just seemed that Tucker was able to get everything accomplished that the leadership wanted to do without being an incorporated city," she says. Michael A. Schwarz, USA TODAY

Tucker High School at the end of Main Street, home to the Tucker Tigers, state champions in AAAA football in 2008 and 2011. Unincorporated Tucker got swept into the 'new cities fever' rolling across metro Atlanta when nearby communities proposed borders for their envisioned cities that would gobble up chunks of Tucker.  Michael A. Schwarz, USA TODAY

One of four graves of Revolutionary War veterans at Old Fellowship Primitive Baptist Church in Tucker, Ga. When new cities are formed in unincorporated areas of a county, they often snatch away the highest taxpayers.  Michael A. Schwarz, USA TODAY

Browning Courthouse in Tucker, circa 1860.  Michael A. Schwarz, USA TODAY

Main Street in Tucker, Ga. Tucker has a downtown and generally agreed upon borders, so it has a chance of becoming a city.  Michael A. Schwarz, USA TODAY

Gail Pinckney, owner of The Yellow Llama on Main Street, holds a Tucker High School T-shirt for sale in her store. The Tucker High School girls' basketball team recently won its first-ever State Championship. Michael A. Schwarz, USA TODAY

Michael Greene, left, third-generation owner of Matthews Cafeteria on Main Street in Tucker, talks with longtime customer Todd Eason, who also works in Tucker.  Michael A. Schwarz, USA TODAY

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